A feasibility study is undertaken prior to the commencement of a project in order to asses the viability of the proposals. Budget, planning policy, available space, time frame, and environmental constraints are all important factors in determining whether a project is likely to succeed.  

The budget is a major consideration in any project and it is important to decide at the outset how much you have to spend and whether this will be sufficient. We will ask you about your budget at our initial meeting with you – building works can be very expensive and it is best to have an idea of expectations at an early stage.

Planning policy limitations are another important issue when considering the viability of a project. If the proposals appear contentious from a planning policy point of view we will suggest that a pre-application enquiry is made to the local authority. This is a formal request for guidance and can involve meetings as well as written advice. Most authorities now charge for this service but in terms of money and time saved if the project is found to be unviable this is money well spent.

Environmental issues are also important when assessing the likely success of a scheme. Is the site within a flood zone? Is it within a Critical Drainage Area? Are there highway problems? All these can lead to abandoned projects and it is thus essential that they are considered at the outset.

The feasibility study helps to ensure that a proposed schemes is viable before a great deal of time and money might be ultimately wasted.