Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the terms and conditions of the appointment of SCARRATT & MARTYN CHARTERED ARCHITECTS will be in accordance with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Domestic Project Conditions for the appointment of an Architect 2010, incorporating the additional terms and conditions set out below.

SCARRATT & MARTYN CHARTERED ARCHITECTS will provide a copy of the agreement upon request, or it can be obtained from RIBA Publications on 020 7256 7222 or www.ribabookshops.com.


Fees are by negotiation as described in the accompanying letter.

When fees are calculated on a percentage basis, this percentage will be based upon the final construction cost excluding VAT. Upon issue of the Final Certificate, retrospective adjustments may be required to percentage based fee accounts which have already been issued on the basis of an estimate of construction cost.


Hourly time charges provide the basis for estimating fixed lump sum fees and include an allowance for secretarial support, administration and other overheads. Open-ended fee charging on a time basis will only be applied where the nature of the work expressly dictates, and will be agreed in writing prior to commencement.


Where specialist consultants are required on a project, the client will be responsible for negotiating engagement direct with the specialist consultant. If requested, SCARRATT & MARTYN CHARTERED ARCHITECTS will provide the names of firms with whom we have worked on other projects, but in these circumstances no recommendation is either offered or implied regarding their competence or expertise.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, out of pocket expenses are charged in addition to fees.


When submitting planning, Listed Building, and Building Regulations applications to a local authority the application must be accompanied by a site location plan at 1:1250 or 1:2500 scale. Unless the client supplies a suitable site plan in advance of the application being made, SCARRATT & MARTYN CHARTERED ARCHITECTS will obtain a site plan from the Ordnance Survey. Expenses arising will be charged to the client at cost. The present cost of an OS site plan is approximately £25.00 plus VAT.


Fees will be invoiced monthly, or upon completion of project stages as set out in the accompanying letter, or according to the stages of RIBA Plan of Work – whichever occurs earliest.

All fee invoices relating to Planning, Listed Building, Building Regulations and tender issues, must be paid in full before the application or drawings are submitted.

Settlement is due immediately. Invoices not settled within 14 days of the date of issue will attract interest at a rate of over the current bank overdraft rate for every week or part of week for which the fee remains unpaid. Non-payment of fee invoices after 21 days of the date of the invoice will result in immediate cessation of work on any subsequent stage until the outstanding fee invoice is paid in full, including any late payment surcharge.


Standard Terms and Conditions